Fundamentals of Cosmometry

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As science and spirituality increasingly merge, a new worldview is concurrently emerging that embraces the idea that energy and consciousness (the physical and metaphysical experience of reality) are a unified whole, and that all “things” are entirely and instantly interconnected as one. Building upon the foundational research of Buckminster Fuller, Arthur Young, David Bohm and other 20th century pioneers, a contemporary understanding of the fundamental patterns, structures and dynamics of the “cosmic geometry” that underlies universal manifestation is informing this worldview with elegance and precision. The insights of both scientific and sacred geometry that have grown over centuries of inquiry are now revealing an increasingly accepted model of a fractal and holographic universe, wherein the whole is found to be present in every "part" at every scale, from micro-atomic to macro-galactic.

In Fundamentals of Cosmometry we explore the basics of this model and the foundational research that supports it, including some of the most contemporary knowledge from today‘s pioneers. We also look at ways in which this knowledge pertains to our own Human Experience, as well as practical applications in various fields.

Topics include:

SESSION 1: Foundational Concepts: The Holographic Whole
SESSION 2: Starting from Zero: Understanding the Unified Field of Infinite Potential
SESSION 3: Structural Cosmometry: Exploring the “Tensional Integrity” of manifestation
SESSION 4: Flow Process: The Torus as Fundamental Dynamic System
SESSION 5: Field Patterning: Radials, Waves and Spirals
SESSION 6: Bringing It All Together, the Human Experience, and Applications

This is a very visual and conceptual exploration, not requiring any mathematical or deeply technical understanding of physics or sacred geometry. We will touch into these realms just enough to build an understanding of the basics of cosmometry with the objective of seeing the beauty of the integral wholeness that creates the magnificence of life on Earth and beyond.

This course consists of 6 Sections and 24 visually-rich presentations.

(NOTE: This course was originally presented and recorded live as an online webinar series.)

Comments from live webinar participants:

"It's changed my life, crystallized many ideas attempting to form in my brain, settled things into my bones and guts through feeding my mind with clear and inspiring information.  Thank you.  Thank you." - Phrin Prickett

"Marshall is an excellent teacher and presenter. I am in awe of the content of the seminar and of the images/visuals/language utilized to get the ideas across. In my opinion, Marshall re-united physics and metaphysics, science and spirit, as he connected life's unfolding to the underlying pattern of the universe. This seminar provides proof that the paradigm shift from reductionist science to whole-systems-view is well under way." - Jeanne-Rachel Salomon

"I am now going through all the sessions, as the whole experience has been so profound. The last session was just magnificent, you brought it altogether so beautifully. I had so many revelations that it will take some time to assimilate." - June Marsh Lazar

"I am really so happy for having participated in your course and very sad about time because it has already been completed… I would like that this course is not never end... Really you gave us the real foundations for a new world, the elements needed to sustain a full awareness of abundance, to know that we are not alone, and to be able to count on the mysterious Universe that is there to tide us over to us in a wonderful and harmonious way… For me it was more than a pleasure to be invited, it an honor and a privilege that I appreciate it very much." - Marcela Zambrano, From Patagonia Argentina

"Thank you... and all who participated in this production. This has been a privilege. Although this material is vast and complex, I feel I have glimpsed  the keys to creation and I am in awe and wonder at the possibilities before us. As we deepen in our understanding and expansion we will become and create the change we want to see around us." - Susan

Faculty - Marshall Lefferts

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Marshall is the founder and director of the Cosmometry Project, a not-for-profit research initiative to coalesce the field of cosmic geometry and its application within all domains of scientific, artistic and spiritual experience (fiscal hosting provided by Planetwork NGO, Inc). To learn more visit

In recent years he has served as Associate Producer for the documentary film, THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?; is current President of the Board of Directors for the Resonance Project Foundation (Nassim Haramein, Director of Research); was Co-Founder of the Gene Keys, US; was Co-Director of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution (founded by Barbara Marx Hubbard); and was a Consulting Producer for the Buckminster Fuller Institute and has been a producer of many projects in interactive media.

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Marshall teaching at Wisdom University’s New Chartres School in France, 2011