“The knowledge provided in Cosmometry can empower our civilization to thrive into the future.”

~ Bruce H. Lipton , Author, The Biology of Belief

“Marshall Lefferts has gathered some of the most seminal and critical concepts... brilliantly synthesized with his own inspirational knowledge and insights.”

~ Nassim Haramein , Research Director, Resonance Science Foundation

"Cosmometry is a profound and expansive exploration of the Cosmos."

- Jude Currivan , Author of The Cosmic Hologram

"Marshall Lefferts provides a journey of discovery where science meets art... an invitation to listen to the music and join the dance of a higher universal symphony."

Alex Grey & Allyson Grey , Founders, CoSM - Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

"Cosmometry is the book I have been looking for the last 35 years on my own journey. A masterpiece!"

Beth McDougall, M.D. , Founder of Clear Center of Health

"A star map for those on the ultimate journey to discover how to live in harmony with the cosmic life force so that humanity can truly thrive."

Foster & Kimberly Gamble , Creators, Thrive - What On Earth Will It Take?

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Exploring the HoloFractal
Nature of the Cosmos

Throughout nature we can see patterns, structures, processes and systems that reflect an underlying order of energy dynamics that literally in-forms the observable universe across all scales. Cosmometry is the study of this underlying order, wherein cosmic geometry, unified physics and the harmonic system of music are seen as three lenses through which to view one phenomenon — universal dynamics of energy and matter manifesting in physical form and flow. With over 400 color images and illustrations, and synthesizing foundational theories of Buckminster Fuller, David Bohm, Nassim Haramein, Foster Gamble, Richard Merrick and others, Cosmometry presents a new look at age-old questions about the universe we live in and the origin of consciousness by which we are aware of it.

Explore a brief overview of the eight sections of the book:

Section 1

A simplicity of pattern underlies the complexity of manifestation in the universe, and it is due to this simplicity that the scaling from small to large occurs with seamless integrity.

Section 2
Starting From Zero

Every time we look at a blank page, a blank canvas, an empty stage, we are experiencing as close as we ever will the presence of the Vector Equilibrium as the zero starting point for all experiential reality.

Section 3
Flow Process

From the grandest to the smallest scales in the universe, there is one continuous flow of energy that finds greatest fractal coherence in the form of a torus.

Section 4
Field Pattern

Within the seamlessly embedded dynamics of energy flow are double-spiral patterns that can be seen throughout nature, based upon the Golden Ratio of Phi.

Section 5
Structural Integrity

Inherent in the manifestation of energy into matter is a structural dynamic based upon the “tensional integrity” of quantum gravity, known as Tensegrity.

Section 6
Music - The Master Code

In a cosmos made of vibrating and oscillating quantized energy dynamics, a natural system of harmonic proportions is revealed – that which we call Music.

Section 7
Consciousness and the Human Experience

Attributes of Intelligence, Awareness and Reflexivity are intrinsic to the very structure of the cosmos, illuminating the presence of consciousness at all scales.

Section 8
The Next Octave

A shift in the evolutionary journey is at hand, portending an era of harmonious relationship with life and the cosmos at a new level of coherence and integrity.

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About the Author

Marshall Lefferts is Founder and Director of the Cosmometry Project, Board Member of the Resonance Science Foundation (President from 2006 to 2019) and Adjunct Faculty of RSF’s Resonance Academy, Associate Producer of Thrive – What On Earth Will It Take? and Visual Effects Co-Director of Thrive II , former Co-Director of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution (1999-2004), and a lifetime member of the Buckminster Fuller Institute and Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM).

Reader Reviews

"I have been reading books on visionary cosmology for many years.
It is a great passion of mine. Cosmometry is the most breathtaking book on cosmology that I have ever encountered. I send my
profound gratitude."
- David R.

"This is a beautiful book. I devoured it. It is an elegant and accessible summary of the leading edge of physics, cosmology, geometry and music. An amazing integration
that points to the one pattern
that connects. "
- Robert A.

"Reading this book is like talking to a wise friend. Cosmometry unfolds one mind boggling revelation after the other, painting a beautiful and truly unified picture of the non-dual relationship between reality and consciousness."
- Andreas B.

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