​Section ​8
The Next Octave

Section 8: The Next Octave

A frequency shift from one octave to unison at a higher octave is playing out in the harmonic relationships of humankind at this time. We are at the threshold of arriving to unison, wherein we will experience a deeply settling resonance in our beings, and it is at this threshold just before unison that we are experiencing the most apparent “beating effect” in our world — a great dissonance that precedes and anticipates the inevitable resolution into harmonic resonance. While this may seem to be a metaphorical perspective on our current times, it may in fact be quite literally true.

In a harmonic model of cosmic evolution, it is plausible that there may be literal frequency shifts as the dynamics of energy and consciousness progress from one state of being to another, i.e. from one octave to another. Whether influenced by physical dynamics of galactic and solar energies, or by a presence of “higher beings” guiding the evolution of consciousness (or both, perhaps one and the same in spirit), it feels evident that just such a shift is at hand and that we’re seeing and feeling the effects of dissonance that precedes resonance. The noosphere of magnetic, electrical and consciousness dynamics may well be experiencing the chaos before the calm as we make the last step in the harmonic progression towards the next octave of life on Earth. It may be that in such an evolutionary progression of consciousness, a “next octave” of thought, feeling, visionary knowing, intuitive insight and scientific discovery becomes present in the noosphere as a kind of “visionary’s call”, and that the inevitable direction is towards this next octave for those that hear the call and live into it. Often described as the “ascension” of humanity in a spiritual context, such a progression will only be fully “realized” (made real) when it manifests into our physical world and daily experience.

"By simple application of cosmomimicry — utilizing harmonic resonance, Phi ratio damping, geometric integrity, rhythmic synchronization, and unified physics principles — we can (and will) rapidly make our technologies become clean, efficient, quiet, minimally polluting, and even therapeutically beneficial when tuned to the 'algorithm of life' frequencies."

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