​Section ​5
Structural Integrity

Section 5: Structural Integrity

Intrinsic to the unified field of the cosmos is a dynamic tension and compression that binds atoms to form molecules, molecules to form matter, and matter to form worlds. It is this tension and compression that is the source of all structural integrity, a principle of energy dynamics called Tensegrity that allows for a seamless fractal embedding of structurally stable yet adaptable forms, found in cells, organs, biological systems, ecosystems, planetary, solar and galactic systems — all systems of structure that underly the material universe. Just as with musical instruments, it is through changes in the tension-compression dynamic that systems at every scale are tuned to their most optimum resonance.

"When we shift our perspective from the “objects” of form to the relationships of energy dynamics, it becomes possible to see how the three components of Cosmometry, Unified Physics and Music are each a lens through which we are describing one thing."

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