Section 2 - Starting From Zero

​Chapter 7
Vector Equilibrium

Core Concepts

  • All dynamic energy events — light, sound, a person walking, wind — have a fluctuation of positive and negative values.
  • The VE is the only energetic form wherein all of the vectors that radiate from its center and all of the vectors surrounding its circumference are of the same length.
  • In a VE the inner radial vectors are radiating energy outward (explosively, as radiation) and the circumferential vectors are containing this radiation with an equal value of force (implosively, as gravitation).
  • The VE is not and never will be observable because observation through our senses and scientific instruments requires fluctuation — disequilibrium.

"Being the zerophase of energy the vector equilibrium is inherently invisible and non-empirically-discoverable, which accounts for its having been for so long unrecognized as the spontaneous equilibrious model. As specialists, scientists seek only the somethings."
~ R. Buckminster Fuller


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