Section 6 - Music - The Master Code

Chapter 41
It's About Time

Core Concepts

  • The origin of the word ‘quantum’ in quantum theory is in reference to a packet of energy in motion — a quantum of action. The operative word here is action. It is movement, and movement requires the dimensions of space and time.
  • Time in the context of light, sound, rhythm and music is that of cycles rather than the linear concept of Time that we call the 4th dimension.

“As the golden spirals [of the Sun’s heliospheric current sheet] damped down the harmonic resonance between planets — performing the same function the Fibonacci series and Φ-damping locations do in a musical octave — the planets resonated into spherical nodes. And as they did so, their relative sizes were determined by the same physics that determines resonant gap size as two tones diverge over a musical octave”
~ Richard Merrick


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