​Section 2
Starting From Zero

Section 2: Starting From Zero

At the center of every manifest entity in the cosmos is one thing: absolute stillness — the zero point reference around which all energy fluctuates to create light, sound, matter and consciousness. While there are myriad “things” in the universe, there is only one zero, and as such, all things share this common zero center point and are instantly and intimately connected by it, transcendent of the physical limits of space and time. This “conceptual zerophase”, as Buckminster Fuller calls it, is the basis for understanding the cosmometry of unified physics, wherein electromagnetic oscillations at the Planck scale form a standing wave matrix in coherent equilibrium and the basic physical forces are distinct attributes of this universal field when it goes out of equilibrium.

Through the reciprocal relationship of this field and the matter that arises from it, we come to understand both David Bohm’s model of Implicate and Explicate Order and the Absolute and Relative Hologramic nature of the cosmos that is expressed as form and flow in fractal unity.

"Every time we look at a blank page, a blank canvas, an empty stage, we are experiencing as close as we ever will the presence of the Vector Equilibrium as the zero starting point for all experiential reality."

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