​Section ​3
Flow Process

Section 3: Flow Process

In humanity’s pursuit of harmonizing with the cosmos, establishing equilibrium and wholeness are of primary concern. Chaotic and fragmented systems yield like experiences of their own making, and these are very much what we are living with in our current social, economic, political, academic, medical, agricultural, environmental and even technological systems. By understanding the qualities of wholeness in dynamic equilibrium found in the torus we have an excellent checklist with which we can measure the integrity of our designs to bring these systems into a balanced and harmonious, and therefore stable, state. Each system can be seen as a toroidal flow process when viewed in its optimal operation, and all of them operating optimally together will inevitably create a profound synergetic wholeness that will naturally and quickly bring humanity into a harmonious relationship with the greater reality of life. The torus flow process is the best model for what dynamic wholeness looks like.

"It is fractal embedding of tori that allows for the complex dynamics of the holomovement to seamlessly flow as both discrete forms — the individual tori — and together as a unified whole."

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