​Section ​4
Field Pattern

Section 4: Field Pattern

All that we see in the cosmos is emerging from a unified field of energy. As this energy flows into and interacts with form, we can often see fundamental patterns that makes visible the dynamics of the energetic flow. One of the most common found in nature at many scales is a Double Spiral pattern, which is most prevalent in flowers, plants and cacti, yet is also present in the dynamics of water, air and magnetic fields. This is a pattern of balanced inward and outward energy flow that is typically based upon the Golden Ratio of Phi — the ubiquitous ratio that is present across the full spectrum of scale, from atoms to the Cosmic Microwave Background of the universe.

The Phi ratio plays a specific role in the dynamics of the quantized manifestations of energy, defining boundaries of form and space that provide a fractal framework within which resonance and coherence emerge to create the harmonic expressions of life.

"Even though our amazing minds can come up with a mathematical formula that produces a never-ending value of Phi, the cosmos is not concerned with that. What the cosmos is concerned with is whole-number quanta — the quantized nature of energy-matter-information at the foundation of our exploration."

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