​Section ​6
Music – The Master Code

Section 6: Music – The Master Code

Music as a theoretical framework is a system of relationships. We are fortunate to be able to experience, revel in, move to, and be moved by music without having to intellectually know this system of relationships. Music takes care of the knowing and we get to enjoy the results. While many people who have studied music’s relationships have extensively defined its theoretical framework, one of the most important points to realize is this: We did not invent music — we discovered it. 

The physical, material universe, from atoms on up, is an acoustic (pressure) phenomenon floating in a sea of electromagnetic tensegrity. In essence, then, the physical universe of form and flow is the same as what we call sound, and as such it is based upon the same harmonic relationships as sound, the primary experience of which we call Music. Not just “conceptually” or “approximately” but literally the same as music. And given the convertibility of acoustic and electromagnetic waves, this applies to the entire electromagnetic spectrum as well; the non-material photonic cosmos is harmonically organized in the exact same way. The cosmos is one big, beautiful Hologramic Symphony.

"Interference patterns of Light and Sound aren’t “analogous” to
the cosmic hologram, they ARE the cosmic hologram that we
experience as everyday reality."

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