​Section ​7
Consciousness and the Human Experience

Section 7: Consciousness and the Human Experience

We humans, along with the rest of biological life here on Earth, appear to play a pivotal role at the cross-section between the tiniest origins of cosmic creativity and the totality of the Uni-Verse being continuously sung into existence. We have consciousness. And we’re aware of it. We are self-aware beings having a human experience here on this small planet. We know our bodies are an integral part of the natural world around us, sharing the same fundamental biological systems and processes as found in other organisms. But what of our minds, our emotions, our intelligence and innovative creativity, are these equally as integral with the natural world, or are they an anomaly that just happened to emerge in us by some fluke of chance? Sometimes it’s easy to think it’s the latter (as contemporary scientific theories more commonly propose), given we appear to be unique in the degree of self-awareness and creative intelligence that we possess. In a fractal-hologramic model of the cosmos, though, this kind of anomaly doesn’t make sense, suggesting instead that it’s more likely these attributes have emerged from the very foundation of the cosmos itself — that our experience of consciousness and self-awareness is an inevitable evolutionary product of the same attributes being present throughout the entire universal structure.  

"When we view our body’s systems as a fractal antenna, we can see how it exists within a subtler energetic field that is our cohering consciousness in-forming our local physical experience as human beings."

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